That Face…

March, 2015

Pretty much describes how I feel:( I was doing so well, and now I’m clobbered with the flu. So I’m going to be spending extra time under my covers resting instead of blogging. But as soon as I’m better, I’ll be back. Hope you all are avoiding this nasty bug.

Shake That Booty

March, 2015

You know, Jennifer Lopez isn’t shy about showing off her BOOTY, and neither is Iggy Azalea. Here, I’m teaching dance moves to this infectious song.

Dancing on the Beach

March, 2015

I’ve received a request to teach dance moves to the Jennifer Lopez song, Booty, featuring Iggy Azalea. Of course, the answer is yes! So get ready to shake your butt because the video is coming out tomorrow. I say if you have a big booty own it, and if you don’t…well still own it:) And… View Post »

Couples’ Quotes

March, 2015
Cabo A

I snapped this picture with my phone while relaxing on my beach chair in Cabo; it’s paradise in one click:) Here is a variety of touching/adorable/funny comments from couples around town: “I’ve been with my husband for thirty years and each day I fall more deeply in love with him.” “Bars were invented for men to… View Post »

Dressed Up

March, 2015
Ted Baker A

When a girl needs a dress, a girl can never go wrong with Ted Baker. That’s who I’m featuring here in Cabo for Fashion Friday. It’s the weekend and a vacationer can expect lots of sunbeams, dancing, and fun. Anyone who knows me, knows dancing is one of my favorite weekend (and frankly weekday) activities…. View Post »

Another Dance Video

March, 2015
Somebody A

Somebody has hot dance moves! That would be Natalie La Rose in the music video to her new song Somebody. Here’s a choreography tutorial so you can learn to dance along. Since this is Travel Thursday, I want to share that after filming the video, I rushed off to dinner at The Office. I’ve mentioned… View Post »

Loving Cabo

March, 2015
Loving Cabo C

…And Kate Spade. Which is why when I eyed this Love dress of hers, I knew it was going in my suitcase. And speaking of that L word, a traveler definitely feels the love here. People are ultra-friendly and everyone is encouraged to join in everything regardless of age differences. I’ve already started a tradition… View Post »

Celebrating an Irish Holiday…

March, 2015
Cabo C

…in Mexico, and proudly wearing emerald green, the perennial beauty trend this time of year. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! People say Cabo San Lucas is a city that never sleeps. I say it’s a town where party-lovers take a siesta from about 8-to-10 pm and 6-to-10 am. During the day, vacationers explore the marina, plaza,… View Post »

New to the Dating Scene

March, 2015

Hello my dears, it’s official. I’m off to Cabo! And I can’t wait to get the adventures started. I’ve been there before and recall what lively groups that town draws in. People were partying on the plane well before we reached Baja:) I’ll definitely keep you posted on my trip, but meanwhile I want to… View Post »

Wearing Wolford

March, 2015
Wolford A

I stopped by Wolford with the idea that I would just make a short stop to pick up something on my way to an event. But how could I have thought that the word “just” could ever be attached to the word “Wolford?!” After running into Ylyana, the gorgeous store fashion expert, I was overtaken… View Post »