Why the Frown?

August, 2014

Because it’s the last week in August:( Cheer up and make every moment purr-fect!

Ready or Not

August, 2014
Mollie Michelle Salon A

I was feeling like a little end-of-summer change. Last weekend, I went dancing and one of the girls at the club had an adorable short haircut with a luxurious cascade of layers. So I decided to take the snip. But once I was in the chair, I wasn’t daring enough to whack off length everywhere. So… View Post »

How to Reignite a Romance

August, 2014
8-25-14 A MINI

A question that I’ve heard a lot is how to rekindle love when life’s challenges have dampened passion. One girl wrote me saying, “I just want my boyfriend to look at me the way he did when we started dating.” Another admitted, “My husband has ceased to be impressed by me.” And a man revealed,… View Post »

From the Diamond to Daily Life

August, 2014

Fashion designers are taking their cues from the baseball field this season…and they’re racking up couture home runs. Girls, baseball pants aren’t just for the boys. Rag & Bone has flattering track pants inspired by the game that are perfect for anything from attending an event, to cruising the street, or meeting a friend for… View Post »

Dare to Dream in Vienna

August, 2014
Hotel Imperial A

If you’re ever able to stay at the historic Hotel Imperial, you will have a dream come true. A reader told me of her passion for this jewel set in a centuries-old city that feels like a living museum. So I just had to spotlight it on Travel Thursday. Entering the lobby, you feel like… View Post »

Magic in the Moonlight

August, 2014
20s Fashions C

Over the weekend, I saw this Woody Allen movie that has audiences literally spellbound…by its alluring 1920s fashions. Emma Stone, the leading lady, pulled it all off as though she had been born for the era. A few days after enjoying this fashion parade, I was invited to an alfresco black-and-white dinner party. So I… View Post »

Biggest Bronzer Award Goes To…

August, 2014
Tom Ford B

Tom Ford! When I attended one of his cosmetic trend shows, the audience chanted at the top of their lungs, “Numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard… Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford…” There was so much spontaneous hype from loyal customers that it was hard for the host to settle everyone down! Who else besides… View Post »

How to Date a Baseball Hunk

August, 2014
Chandler A

Today, for Meeting Men Monday, I asked my friend Chandler some of the dating questions that I’ve received from you girls. Get ready, because he was 100% candid. That’s why I love him. This guy will never give you a sugarcoated answer. Chandler plays baseball for Saint Martin’s University and I can testify that he’s… View Post »

To Have and Have Not

August, 2014
Lauren Bacall C

Well, Lauren Bacall seems to have us all under her spell. Though she passed away on Tuesday, her shining presence on the silver screen during Hollywood’s golden age and on Broadway afterward will never pass from view. During her life, many thought of Lauren as the essence of beauty and confidence, but she had fears… View Post »

Style from the Sea Gals

August, 2014
Sea Gals

When a girl gets a tip from these dazzlers – who, by the way, danced for the winning Super Bowl team – she has to follow it! Three of them told me that their favorite tennies for getting their moves on are by Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance. They’re fashion-forward and have circles on the… View Post »