Festival Affaire

July, 2014
Festival Affaire A

To me, an ideal summer day consists of relaxing with friends…swimming, hitting up a festival, and spending the evening dancing around a bonfire. Since today is Travel Thursday, I’m sharing some slices of fantastic festivals. One of my favorite aspects of these events is the food. A friend recently asked what my guilty pleasure is… View Post »

Back to Bainbridge

July, 2014
Back to Bainbridge A

There is something so clandestine about taking the ferry to Bainbridge, an oasis of waterfront, boats, and plants. It’s as though I’m entering a bygone era. Even the plants blooming on the island look like heirlooms planted in gardens passed down through generations. I love butterfly bushes. When people see this vegetation in bloom, some… View Post »

Braid Bar

July, 2014
Braid Bar

A friendly place where you grab a drink and mingle with friends is no longer the only kind of bar that’s popular. Braid Bars are trending. I encountered one while passing through Nordstrom. A DJ was remixing the top 40, hairdressers had set up shop next to him, and style mavens were lined up eager… View Post »

Why I Love Wolford

July, 2014
Wolford F

I could write an epistle about why I’m a fan of this company, but I’ll boil it down to four words…chic, sophisticated and high quality. When a girl steps inside a Wolford store, she’s a goner. There is no longer such a thing as shopping self-control:) And she knows she’ll be coming back again! Here’s… View Post »

The World of Wolford

July, 2014

I’ve received questions about what I wore in my National Dance Day video. I was head-to-toe in Wolford, as you see from this screenshot of me whirling by. Wolford is one of my favorite lines. Next week, I’ll post more on this outfit. Plus, I’ll answer questions about the company. So if you haven’t met… View Post »

Celebrating Dance

July, 2014

Everyone can benefit from dancing—not just on this Saturday, National Dance Day, but every day. In this little video, I filmed four generations dancing and edited them together. I hope you didn’t miss the elderly lady in the tangerine outfit swiveling her hips. She danced ballroom for years. She said that she was “thrilled” to… View Post »

Who Wants to Dance?

July, 2014

Come Saturday – National Dance Day – I hope that answer is “Everyone!” Right now, I’m cloistered in my room with my computer (well, honestly, and some ice cream) editing a video to post tomorrow. Here are some screenshots from it. I have combined a variety of people enjoying dance ranging from my little cousins,… View Post »

National Dance Day…

July, 2014
National Dance Day B

Well, on my site it’s more like National Dance Week. When I heard that NDD is this Saturday, I adopted the theme. Each day this week, I’ll find a way to incorporate dance. So regardless of where you live, come the weekend, I hope you’ll be ready to get your groove on! Today, for Meeting… View Post »

From Nothing to Luxury Knits

July, 2014
St. John Knits B

That would describe Marie Gray, creator of St. John Knits. When I was growing up, her designs were my mom’s favorite, so naturally when she made an appearance in our hometown, I really wanted to meet her. What impressed me most was that even though I was only ten, and clearly not a customer, she… View Post »

Beth’s Café

July, 2014
Seattle B

Buddy up to Beth if you’re making a stop in Seattle this summer. Her funky eatery has been a hub since the 50s and her legendary breakfasts are served 24/7, so there’s no time when Beth’s Café can’t cure your craving. Besides comfort food, this place is known for organic art. While waiting for your… View Post »