Fashion by Kate Spade

July, 2015
Kate Spade B

It’s really no secret that I’m all for this designing lady. There have been so many pics of her creations on my site. Today is all about a classic lavender dress and the purrfect purse for you cat lovers. I just couldn’t pass them up, so I tied them together with two Alexis Bittar bangles… View Post »

Throwback Thursday Hawaii Style

July, 2015

Today, I was reminiscing about my spring Hawaii trip…I might add as I was eyeing the piles of work covering all the wood on my desk! So for Travel Thursday, I’m posting about an eco-friendly, fashion-forward tropical haunt. MU’UMU’U HEAVEN, aka vintage clothing heaven, creates one-of-a-kind dresses, and donates a percentage of every sale to… View Post »

You Can Never Redo a First

July, 2015
Cole A

…But you can belly, side, and back flop over and over again…and have fun the entire time! A big thanks to my friend Cole for teaching me how to wakesurf. As you can see from his performance, no one could have had a better instructor. Do you think I might need a few more lessons… View Post »

What Does Summer Mean to You?

July, 2015
Summer D

To me, it means enjoying every last ray of sunshine and not taking a single moment for granted. I’m a strong believer in the concept that you have to slow down enough in life to see the beauty in front of you. The beauty of the sun melting into the sky blew me away when… View Post »

Wakesurfing for the First Time

July, 2015
Cole C

Somehow, I managed to make it through life until now without wakesurfing. If you haven’t tried it yet, get your suit on and find that boat, board and driver. Being on top of the water with the breeze catching your hair and the landscape flying by is surreal. This picture was taken before my first… View Post »

Teaching the Dance to THINKING OUT LOUD – Second Installment

July, 2015
Thinking Out Loud

This is the continuation of my dance tutorial to the popular wedding song. I’ve rarely had so much fun making a video, and it’s all because of Tom, my partner. You’ll soon see that he is an incredible dancer and instructor…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s quite the charmer! He tells you how, with this… View Post »

Who Can Resist a Lancôme Gift?

July, 2015
Lancôme B

When it comes to gifts-with-purchase, in my opinion there is no contest for the best. Lancôme wins every time! Recently, I was running out of some cosmetics must-haves, so I stopped by the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was given the above Lancôme mini-palette and gloss. In this picture, I created my look entirely from the… View Post »

The Wedding Dance

July, 2015
Thinking Out Loud

After teaching part of the choreography to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, I’ve received requests to teach another part—they come mostly from couples who want to perform it for their first wedding dance. I love that, so Tom and I got together and filmed the continuation. I’m about to edit it and I’ll be posting… View Post »

The Girls Are Here

July, 2015
Rebecca Taylor C

That’s Colbie, Rebecca and me;) For today’s Fashion Friday post, I edited together a little Instagram video of me wearing a Rebecca Taylor dress with a beautiful sunset and Colbie Caillat song for  the backdrop. This dress is perfect for sitting, standing, and twirling. I wore it to something that was slated as a dinner… View Post »

Macaroons & Mischief

July, 2015
Macaroons C

Lady Yum in Kirkland Washington is no run-of-the-mill macaroon shop. The tantalizing flavors cooked up there include every possible confection from caramel to s’mores, and each bite is sheer sweets heaven! I say that when in doubt, get more than you think you can eat because–trust me–when a girl encounters Lady Yum, for some mysterious… View Post »