Dancing to Justin Bieber

November, 2015

This song is begging you to dance along. The beat is contagious and the lyrics catchy. So here, I’m teaching the choreography from Justin’s live performance on Jimmy Fallon. The link to that performance is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbBzK7OXE4A I taught the section from 2:27-2:47. To see me dancing the choreography to music, check out these links on… View Post »

Thanksgiving Week

November, 2015
Thanksgiving Week B

As the official day of gratitude draws near, I share the sentiment of Henry David Thoreau, “I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” Top by Current/Elliott from Nordstrom.


November, 2015

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. One of them is, of course, all of you and the other is those who have so graciously jumped in to help me with this blog. Since it is what I call “homegrown,” my “photographers” are always those close to me who… View Post »

More Dancing to Ariana Grande

November, 2015
Focus Part 2

Here I’m teaching dance moves to the second chorus of Ariana’s new music video, Focus. If you missed my first video teaching steps to Focus… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nObty8WQDiQ

The Bridge to Romance

November, 2015

I wonder how many couples have passed over this bridge. Before I started dating Tom, we went on a walk and magically happened upon this romantic spot. So for my photo shoot in this Alice + Olivia dress, I went straight to the Love Bridge. What’s your favorite romantic spot?

Butt Workout

November, 2015
Butt Workout

In this video, Tom―who happens to be a ground-breaking movement expert for everyone ranging from top athletes to accident victims―uses me to teach exercises that will quickly tone your butt. He says that if you master them, they’ll not only flatter your figure, but improve your health! I’m in no way a fitness junkie, so if… View Post »

Ariana Grande Hair/Makeup Tutorial

November, 2015
Ariana Makeup

When I taught some of the dance choreography to Ariana’s music video, Focus, I couldn’t resist the urge to recreate her hair and makeup. Then some of you wanted to learn how to do that too. It’s easy… Volume is the key to this half-up/half-down do. First, backcomb your hair. Then pull the top half… View Post »

Dancing with Ariana Grande

November, 2015

Her newest music video, Focus, is too fun not to dance to. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial so you can learn her moves. But be careful…when you do them to her tune at a club or party, the focus in the room will probably be on you. In this how-to video, I teach the choreography from… View Post »

Savory/Quick Apple Crumble Recipe

November, 2015

Just thinking about this deliciousness has me wanting to take a break and whip-up Tom’s Great-Grandma McLaughlin’s Apple Crumble. In today’s pictures, I’m wearing a party dress by Alice and Olivia, so I thought including this recipe was perfect. That way if you need to bring a dessert to an event you’re attending, you’ve got… View Post »

Happy Halloween!

October, 2015
Happy Halloween B

This is one of my favorite holidays. When I was little I’d start choosing my costume months in advance. I was the first to start trick-or-treating and the last to be hauled in. As you can see, I’m a devoted Halloween fanatic! I love everything about it from the decorations on my front door… …to… View Post »