Thriving Style

May, 2015
Ted Baker B

“I started the business and called it Ted Baker because I thought, from day one, that it would be a failure, and I didn’t want to be ‘Ray Kelvin the bankrupt.’” Founder of one amazing U.K. brand, Ted Baker. I love that quote because it shows that fear of failure is no reason to not… View Post »

Boycotting Goodbye

May, 2015

My grandma has been quite a hit on my sites. I still receive emails that go something like this… “How is your grandma, the one who had her elderly book club read The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men?” Well, “still chugging along,” as she says. And you probably know that she still likes… View Post »

Ten-Minute Yoga

May, 2015
Ten-Minute Yoga G

I like to think of this post as Coffee with Caroline Wagner. I actually don’t drink coffee—I know, shocker! But regardless of what you choose for a morning wake-up call, you can slip it in between these poses and really start your day off right. If you do the entire series, it will take more… View Post »

Fitness Glam

May, 2015
Caroline Wagner

Fitness instructor Caroline Wagner is a gym goddess. When she pulls out her mat and strikes a yoga pose heads snap. It’s no wonder that she has appeared on NBC and in several commercials for her fitness expertise. This alone is impressive, but what astonishes me is that her face always looks red-carpet ready—even at… View Post »

Passionate Love

May, 2015

The other day, I was chatting with a friend who has been with his sweetheart for decades. “At first our love was filled with so much raw passion,” he recalled. “But I’d honestly say that I love my wife now more than I did the day we got married. Our love has moved into a… View Post »

Classy, Creative Charlotte Olympia

May, 2015
Charlotte Olympia A

Yesterday, I was taking a break and scanning through a magazine when I spied a picture of the lovely Charlotte Olympia. That got me reminiscing about when I met this glamorous lady, so I decided to showcase her spring/summer shoe collection on this Fashion Friday. I call it “sorbet style” because Charlotte dipped her shoes in those… View Post »

Savoring Santa Monica

May, 2015
Savoring Santa Monica A

Recently, I wore this blue little number for a girls’ night celebration and that got me thinking about how much I love Santa Monica. A person never tires of this city—the sandy beach, blue water, 100-year-old pier, pedestrian-friendly promenade, and upscale Montana Avenue shops. I bought this dress on a business trip at one the… View Post »

Throwing a Party on Short Notice

May, 2015
Throwing a Party I

Short notice seems to be my specialty:) Maybe that’s because when it comes to having fun, the word, “no” isn’t in my vocabulary. I recently put together a girls’ night in a flash. Here’s how you can do it too: Make a List. Having a list of the items you need before going to the… View Post »

Opening of Boating Season

May, 2015
Opening of Boating Season B

You don’t have to be a sailor to join in the fun of boating season! You don’t even have to board a vessel. I often join friends for a waterfront picnic at a local park while watching the boats sail by as the sun sets. And you can stay in step with the season even… View Post »

How to Throw It Down Like Tinashe

May, 2015
All Hands On Deck A

Tinashe’s All Hands On Deck, is a fitting dance to learn for Meeting Men Monday—and you get a step-by-step tutorial here, including instructions in the mirror. People can interpret the lyrics of this tune differently, but here is my take… This hot tamale had a boyfriend who took all of her love, treated her bad, and dumped her. But… View Post »