Makeup Memories

September, 2014
Makeup Memories B

I became attached to Bobbi Brown cosmetics before I had my first boyfriend, went to my first prom, or even entered high school. You could say Bobbi has accompanied me on many firsts:) And today I’m still turning to her trusty products. I saw an ad with the below Bobbi Babe back when I was about… View Post »

Say No to Being Sidelined

September, 2014
Say No to Being Sidelined

Recently, I went salsa dancing for the third time and it was mega fun. For those of you who’ve never been to a salsa club, it’s much different than a regular club. Everything is partner-based, and people constantly switch partners as guys ask girls to dance. Bold women do blaze the trail and ask men,… View Post »

New York Fashion Week

September, 2014
New York Fashion Week A

I wish I could say that I was there… I can’t, but I did have a front row seat at my computer while perusing pics posted from those events:) Since the weather is still warm where I am, I’m more than happy to spot spring fashions. So here are some 2015 trends I’ve tracked. White… View Post »

Love France

September, 2014
Derhy B

Whenever I attend an event with dancing on the invitation, one of my Derhy dresses is always is serious consideration as an escort. When I think of this French line, femininity and boldness come to mind. Derhy melds flirty styles with strong colors for a look that stands out in any room. Intricate detailing is… View Post »

Unlikely Friends

September, 2014
Unlikely Friends B

When I read about these adorable cohorts in The Wall Street Journal, I just had to post about them. They prove that natural enemies can become the best of friends. These three were rescued from an Atlanta basement years ago and now reside at Noah’s Ark, an animal sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia. No one… View Post »

Beauty of Foods

September, 2014
Bellevue Farmers Market

Some people think that only mega stars with their armies of stylists can be mega beautiful. But I say, not so! Anyone with a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle is radiant. To show how it’s done, I’ve decided to create a Science of Beauty video series, starting with the Beauty of Foods. With the… View Post »

It Takes Two…

September, 2014

…for a successful, loving relationship. Sure there are unions built on one-way love, but at some point the person putting in the effort wakes up to reality and feels lovelorn. Dr. Sue Johnson, a psychologist and couples therapist, uses biology, neuroscience, and clinical psychology to present a strong case for this hypothesis in her book,… View Post »

What Couture Are You Craving?

September, 2014
Milly A

Okay Fashion Friends, a while back I stopped counting the amount of Milly dresses I’ve worn on this site. Can that fashionista help it if her creations are so covetous?! What I adore most about Milly is that her dresses are timeless. I had this find rung up about five years ago at a designer… View Post »

Tune in to Toronto

September, 2014
Toronto A

I just emailed Steve, director of the Toronto Independent Film Festival, famously known as “a headline event for micro and no-budget films” running in tandem with TIFF. We became friends when I attended the festivals last year. I passed on my wish to clone myself so I could cover my responsibilities state-side and still hop… View Post »

Garden Gala

September, 2014
Garden K

I’m ignoring the fact that this morning I detected a hint of gloomy skies. I’m making the most of every last ray of summer sunshine! Before the summer flowers began to fade, I got to attend a garden party for everyone who volunteered at the Pacific Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I’ve been fascinated by… View Post »