Holiday Sweater Season…

December, 2014
Holidays B

Isn’t over yet! We always hear about the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. Well, I’m all for throwing a Pretty Christmas Sweater party. And I’m always on the hunt for cute holiday fashions. I spied this sweater in a store window a few years back. Right now, Wildfox is a go-to for adorable season-appropriate outfits. Actually,… View Post »

Movie Magic…Not So Much!

December, 2014
Guerlain B

After posting yesterday’s Guerlain makeup video, I received a lot of messages asking how I came up with the concept and put it together. The time is right to answer those questions since this is Travel Thursday, Guerlain has a romantic French history, and we’re in a magical season. If you haven’t seen my video… View Post »

Guerlain Glam

December, 2014
Guerlain Video

I have absolutely fallen in love with Guerlain’s Petrouchka Palette and the advice from phenomenal makeup artist Marcus Monson. So much so, that it became my go-to for holiday galas. Last weekend, I wore the look dancing and had so much fun that when 4:30 am rolled around, in my mind it still hadn’t struck… View Post »

The Gift of Guerlain

December, 2014
Guerlain A

If you haven’t met Marcus Monson, my friends, you are missing out! You could travel around the world and be hard-pressed to find an artist who could match his makeup finesse. It’s no wonder that celebrities clamor for his help. He has an uncanny ability to bring out a woman’s best features. Plus, Marcus is… View Post »

Always Under the Mistletoe

December, 2014
Always Under the Mistletoe A

With this DIY holiday hairpiece, you are always under the mistletoe! After blogging about the origins of the kissing plant last Meeting Men Monday, I couldn’t help stopping by the nursery for some fresh mistletoe full of berries. Then I put three short sprigs in my hair with bobby pins. I edged the look with… View Post »

Santa Tell Me Dance & Ariana Grande Style

December, 2014
Ariana Grande

After seeing A Very Grammy Christmas, I wanted to be able to dance along to Ariana’s Santa Tell Me at holiday parties. So I studied her gorgeous female dancers and taught myself the steps. Here I’m sharing them with you. I’m not a professional dancer, so if I can do this, you definitely can! I’ve… View Post »

Holiday Hot Spot

December, 2014
Holiday Hot Spot A

For this season’s celebrations, in my opinion, you can’t choose a better venue than Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel. I’m always excited to go there. And I can always count on mingling with friendly people in beautiful surroundings, enjoying great food and listening to the live music. As you enter the Fairmont, you’re greeted by a… View Post »

DIY Christmas Gifts

December, 2014
DIY Gift A

I may love blooms in the winter even more than the rest of the year, because they aren’t as abundant. From the time I was little, my family planted Paperwhite Narcissus or Amaryllis bulbs in decorative pots. We passed them out to people who were missing loved ones around the holidays and felt alone. My… View Post »

Nordstrom Shopping Party Fun

December, 2014
Nordstrom Shopping Party B

Most girls don’t need an excuse to shop, but Nordstrom does up the experience by decorating their stores and opening the doors for an extravaganza. The night began with a visit from a quite dapper Santa who donned his Renaissance suit. And then there were the platters of delicious bites constantly passing by. These truffles… View Post »

The Christmas Passion Plant

December, 2014
The Christmas Passion Plant B

We all know that it’s considered bad luck to avoid kissing a charmer under the mistletoe. But have you also heard that this winter-blooming plant is actually a not-so-romantic parasite? I don’t want you to let a little detail like that get in the way of holiday fun, so today I’m sharing how mistletoe became… View Post »