Dancing to YOU THINK by Girls’ Generation

September, 2015
You Think

These ladies sure know how to work it! And here’s a step-by-step dance tutorial to their music video so you can work it right along with them.

Forever Loving Fashion

August, 2015
Loving Fashion A

I have adored fashion since my preschool days when I raided my mom’s closet or snuck into Grandma’s jewelry box for a play date with my dolls. For me, piecing together an ensemble is a creative endeavor. Today, I’m wearing one of my favorite fall looks. Don’t think I’m ready to end summer early. I… View Post »


August, 2015
Pippin A

Last weekend, I saw the Broadway touring revival of this fictitious musical about the turning point in the life of King Charlemagne’s favorite son. The Tony Award winning production combined the dancing flair of the legendary Bob Fosse with inspiration from Cirque du Soleil. Acrobatics flew across the stage and contortionists performed body-defying tricks while… View Post »

Dancing to OMI’s Cheerleader

August, 2015

This song of summer wasn’t an instant hit. It originally came out in 2012 and is just now making a splash with a remix by Felix Jaehn. I love seeing someone, like OMI, who doesn’t give up when immediate success doesn’t come his way. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to the official music video that will… View Post »

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial

August, 2015
Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial A

Who says a girl has to be a supermodel, like Karlie, to show off her makeup style? There’s no way I could double for this catwalk darling, but I’m giving you a step-by-step makeup tutorial so you can make Karlie’s look your own. First, pick a golden/copper shadow to brush on your eyelids. I chose… View Post »

Why Do You Think Fashion is Fun?

August, 2015
Fashion D

I have a guy friend who asked me that question with a perplexed stare. He’s the kind of man who reaches into his closet every morning, pulls out whatever he touches first, and puts it on. He followed-up his initial question by saying, “There are clothes, and then there are clothes. Right?” Wrong! There are clothes that make… View Post »

Dating Talk from a Sage Bachelor

August, 2015

Today, I’m excited to have you all meet Cole Blakely. He’s not only an intelligent man about to receive an engineering PhD, he could write a doctoral dissertation on the art of dating. Many social observers say that today’s singles’ scene is dominated by those using apps to find hookups, and succeeding with only a… View Post »

Celeb Love Talk With Nat Wolff

August, 2015
Celeb Love Talk With Nat Wolff

Last weekend, I saw the film Paper Towns after devouring the book. And since this is Meeting Men Monday, I’m giving you the low-down on the leading man’s real love journey. In an interview, he revealed that he was a bit of a romantic recluse until he gained confidence. I found this endearing. In the… View Post »

Back to Ted Baker

August, 2015
Ted Baker B

Last week, I featured a Ted Baker dress and somehow I just couldn’t leave my TB love fest. Here’s some footage of the line’s cocktail/party couture. The brand’s line ranges from coquettishness to luxurious, with this embroidered gown. And the men’s fashions are equally impressive. Ted Baker’s tailored shirts are high quality, flattering and sophisticated… View Post »

When the Burlesque Dancer Fell for the Italian Stallion

August, 2015
When the Burlesque Dancer Fell for the Italian Stallion B

Today, I’m reminiscing about the eighty-something live radio interviews I had when my book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, was published. One of my favorites was at the grueling hour of 3:30 am, my time, with a couple of hosts from a NYC station. Their favorite story from my book was about… View Post »