Time to Get Wild!

February, 2015

Thank you for asking me to do a dance tutorial to Jessie J’s WILD. I’ll admit I’m an adventurous girl, just not exactly wild! But for you, in this video I’m trying to pull out an inner wildness that I didn’t think existed:) In honor of Travel Thursday and Jessie J, I’m revealing a Florida… View Post »

Ready to Dance?

February, 2015
Dance A

I know I am! Right now, I’m editing another dance tutorial that came from your requests. I love hearing from each of you! Here are a few screenshots that I captured from the footage. If you have more requests shoot them my way:)

Hair Care Breakthrough

February, 2015
Hair Care Breakthrough B

My hair has been protesting big-time lately. When I went salsa dancing, I left home with well-behaved tresses, but after a few turns it looked like they had been attacked with an eggbeater! So when I went to the salon for a trim, I asked how to get healthy hair with super-shine. Here are the… View Post »

DIY Romantic Cards

February, 2015

There is something about homemade cards that makes the sentiment written inside them extra special. I had the most charming evening filled with great company, dancing, roses… …and these sweet origami hearts with custom messages. The handmade touch made the night that much more memorable. So for Meeting Men Monday I’ve decided to present a DIY romantic… View Post »

Fashion Adventures with My New Camera

February, 2015
Fashion Adventures with My New Camera D

I was especially excited to take these fashion pictures for a couple of reasons. First, I got to wear two of my favorite brands… Diane von Furstenberg and Valentino. DVF made the flattering sheath. Valentino crafted the heels with his ever-popular rock studs. And the matching rainbow clutch! Second, I got to try out my… View Post »

Miami Stay Becky G Style

February, 2015
Becky G, The Biltmore

After posting a dance tutorial for Becky G’s Can’t Stop Dancin’ and fashions similar to hers, I’ve received requests to loop back around to this sassy singer. So today for Travel Thursday, we’re chatting about a Miami destination that is high on Becky’s fave list. That’s the beautiful Biltmore hotel. You know BG is a… View Post »

Must-Have Travel Makeup

February, 2015
Trish Makeup

Sometimes a girl discovers cosmetic products so divine that she can’t stop talking about them. Well, this happened to me as you can see from my video. If you’d like a step-by-step tutorial for the latest cat eye straight from the cat walk, see yesterday’s post. A seasoned global makeup artist uses Trish products to… View Post »

Trish McEvoy’s Star Artist

February, 2015
Trish McEvoy F

That’s Paul, who does up celebs and runway models in the latest makeup looks. He took the time to solve my travel makeup dilemma, and give me the “big-eye cat-eye.” Here I’m passing his tips on to you. Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve had to travel for work. Packing makeup for the variety… View Post »

Spreading the Love

February, 2015

We’ve said goodbye to Valentine’s Day, but we don’t have to say goodbye to the feelings we had on that holiday and the way we expressed them. I believe that love isn’t merely a word to be used in a moment of appreciation or passion. It’s an ongoing desire to be with – and there… View Post »

Wolford Party

February, 2015

Whenever I receive a Wolford message inviting me to a fashion party – complete with tantalizing food and even more tantalizing styles – how can I say no? When this one arrived, I had another commitment that night but made sure to stop by and slip in some couture fun. Etrid and Ylyana are just… View Post »