Haute Halter

April, 2015
Haute Halter B

For those who saw my step-by-step dance tutorial to Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband, you know that I chose a style for it similar to her 50’s inspired look. While scanning magazines to get my fashion fix, I’ve noticed that the singer was on the cusp of a spring trend. The 50’s-esque dress with a… View Post »

Venice at its Best

April, 2015
Fondazione Prada

I’ve wanted to go to Venice ever since I studied the history of its canals in middle school. Somehow I’ve never been able to pull the trip together, but I still love to dream of the places I will visit there when I get the chance. When planning a trip, I think it’s best to… View Post »

Sashaying Through a Wolford Store

April, 2015

…and spending time with this gorgeous girl, who also happens to be a Wolford expert! At this point, I’ve featured Yly so much that you probably recognize her. A Wolford ensemble is never at its optimum without her styling talent. Today’s look is all about black and pink. We chose the Colora Pullover for me…. View Post »

On-The-Go Makeup for Shorts Season

April, 2015
On-The-Go Makeup for Shorts Season A

Shorts season is finally here! Or maybe not, depending on where you live. But I’m in to positive thinking. These pics were taken in Cabo, but when I touched down in Seattle, my shorts were first to come out of my suitcase. Spring is in full bloom here. When it’s warm outside, comfort is high… View Post »

Dancing to Meghan Trainor

April, 2015
Meghan Trainor

Here is a step-by-step break down of Meghan’s moves to her performance of Dear Future Husband. And here’s a makeup tutorial to get her 50’s look. http://kcc.la/meghan-trainor-makeup-and-fashion/

Meghan Trainor Makeup and Fashion

April, 2015

Dear Future Husband of Meghan Trainor… I have something to add to her anthem… She’s a complete babe. Case closed! And today, I’m teaching how to do her dramatic cat eye from her tongue-in-cheek music video Dear Future Husband. Since Meghan’s cat eye is thick, she chose to keep her shadows light, making the liner… View Post »

Three Travel Finds

April, 2015
Travel Finds

Are you in school and getting excited for a summer trip? Or, are you into your career and planning a business trip or vacation? If so, here are three travel finds for you to consider from Magellan’s. They have seriously useful and inventive travel gear. Beauty Sleep…isn’t just for Sleeping Beauty:) When I cheered for… View Post »

More on Milly

April, 2015
Milly A

Will I ever stop being enchanted by Milly designs? I’d say the answer is an emphatic, “No!” This creation is a blend of sunny coquettishness and couture detailing. The cloth is adorned with tiny shimmering flecks that are only visible up close, giving it an element of surprise. The closer you come, the more flecks… View Post »

Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care

April, 2015
Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care B

That describes coconut oil. This splurge-free item isn’t just great for cooking. When used on dry hair, it adds shine. And when you put it on wet hair, due to its chemical structure, coconut oil also penetrates the cortex, treating the interior of each strand to keep it healthy. Whenever I treat myself to this natural… View Post »

Follow Your Heart

April, 2015
4-13-15 B Reg-Mini

To me, this phrase has always seemed to be a romantic–but faulty–metaphor. Logically, I thought that falling in love was following my mind. After all, isn’t it your mind that tells you you’re in love? When you act on impulse, doesn’t your mind tell you to act? Well, after reading some interesting research on kissing,… View Post »