Designer in her 70s Who Can Do the Splits

November, 2014
Betsey Johnson A

And precede it with a high kick and a cartwheel! That’s Betsey Johnson. She was on Dancing with the Stars this season and showed that someone with decades of designing success can be humorous, lovable and willing to laugh off even a wardrobe malfunction in front of America. In anticipation of Thanksgiving, I’m wearing one… View Post »

From an Orphanage to a Stage

November, 2014
Yise A

This Travel Thursday post is about an American couple who traveled to Panama and back for love, and their Central American daughter who used her love of dance to overcome obstacles. Yiselina (Yise, pronounced “GC”) is living proof that happiness isn’t an outcome, it’s an outlook, and setbacks can be stepping stones to success. She… View Post »

Winter Blooms

November, 2014
Winter Blooms C

Just because we’ve had a cold snap in many places doesn’t mean we have to say farewell to flowers outside until spring. I made a trip to my favorite nursery to pick out plants for my deck pots that will last all season. If you do up winter pots too, I suggest keeping some plant… View Post »

The Frizz-Fighting Braid

November, 2014
Braid A

Last February, I posted a fishtail-braid hair tutorial. If you’ve never done this look and want to, check out those easy steps. In that post my braid included colored yarn, but without it, this hairstyle can be thrown together in a measly few minutes. By happenstance, I discovered a frizz-fighting hair tip involving that braid…. View Post »

What Matters Most in a Relationship…

November, 2014

…in my opinion, is not physical attractiveness. This is not to be confused with physical attraction. As long as you are attracted to the person you’re dating, does it really matter if he is destined for the cover of GQ or someone who’s off the so-called hot list?! I have received quite a few emails… View Post »

Doing in Diane von Furstenberg

November, 2014
Diane von Furstenberg Shoot A

This dress just kept catching my eye. I walked past it three times before I could no longer resist its charm. If you’ve been reading my blog this week, you’ve seen that DVF has many beautiful designs this season, and this is one of my favorites. The fitted waist with the flair skirt adds a… View Post »

Around the World with DVF

November, 2014

You might be wondering why this Travel Thursday is focusing on a fashion designer. It’s because her iconic wares are sold throughout the world, and you can find them at It’s also because the journey to her first success, at about the age of 27, took her through several countries. Diane was born to… View Post »

Diane von Furstenberg Fashion Show

November, 2014

Before attending a Nordstrom DVF show, I snapped this pic with the display and enjoyed some appetizers. Something I’ve learned about most fashion events is that they’re never complete without scrumptious food. There was still a little time before the first model would work the runway, so I perused the fashions. We always hear about… View Post »

MAC Cat Eye Makeup Tip

November, 2014
Cat Eye A

I have come a long ways in the art of the cat eye since Fatima, the acclaimed MAC celebrity stylist, taught me how. If you missed her fabulous advice, here’s a step-by-step tutorial with product links. When I first met Fatima, my cat-eye skills were nonexistent…and it wasn’t for lack of effort. I was forever… View Post »

It’s in the Kiss

November, 2014

I have some male sources willing to pass on dating insights so long as their identities remain anonymous. None of them want to be wining and dining a woman and have her read his mind because she read about him. We’ll call this crew, The Mystery Men. They are a direct contrast to guys I… View Post »